After a long career at national and international festivals with the short film “Rota de Colisão” (Collision Course) (1999), Roberval Duarte had his second film produced by Franco Filmes.

A weird night for Lúcia and Antero, when the couple finds their decadent life threatened by a strange intruder.  


The Monster

Director Eduardo Valente’s third short film. Premiered at the Short Film Official Selection  of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.



All girls dream about meeting their enchanted prince. But women’s lives, when they grow up, are much more complex...We can dream of love but attain only sex.

Lucia wants to live a beautiful love story with her lover. Sleeping side by side, telling him about her day, sharing dull daily life comfortably. Her lover has always been clear. He is committed to another person: the owner of the club where Lucia works as a waitress. Back at work, Lúcia faces a painful situation.  She tries, but the suffering is too much for her.
How far is she willing to go to live out the last few moments of happiness with the lover she has lost?



The third short film produced by the partnership between producer Ailton Franco Jr. and filmmaker Eduardo Vaisman, as well as the second collaboration with scriptwriter Flávia Lins e Silva. The film is considered a classic of the new language of the Brazilian short film. Dadá features Jonathan Haagensen, a young actor from the group Nós do Morro, who was in the critical and public success City of God, by Fernando Meirelles. The film, a blend of documentary and fiction, is set in the hillside shantytown of Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro and focuses on the day-to-day of three youngsters who live there, presenting a side of Rio de Janeiro totally different from that which greets the tourist.