Celia and Rosita

After 18 years in cinema, having worked as assistant director on 31 feature films, Gisella Melo made her directorial debut with “Célia e Rosita”. Using back-projections, Gisella pays tribute to the history of cinema and to the careers of two veteran actresses of the day, Célia Biar and Rosita Thomás Lopes, famous for their roles as Madams in the early days of Brazilian television.  A co-production between Fita Gomada Produções and Franco Films.

Genre: Fiction

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 15 min

Format: 35 mm

Year of Release: 2000

Director: Gisella de Mello

Cast: Cleyde Yáconis, Dirce Migliaccio and Dercy Gonçalves. Special participation by Marcelo Serrado. Participation: Carmen Frenzel and Renato Farias


A nonsensical comedy about the revenge of old age against the 20th Century. Two elderly ladies decide to change their destinies and histories in search of a new lease of life. 

Festival Screenings and Awards:

Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographic Research at the Festival de Cinema, Vídeo e D-Cine de Curitiba, in 2001

Best Art Direction and Adapted Soundtrack at Guarnicê do Maranhão, in 2001

TV Cultura Award - Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo, 2001.

Best Actress (shared by both protagonists) at the 7º Vitória Cine & Vídeo, 2001.


Director: Gisella de Mello

Executive Producer: Ailton Franco Jr.

Director of Photography: Paulo Jacinto

Editing & Sound Editing: Virgínia Flores

Script: Bárbara Harrington, Mathilda Kovack and Gisella de Mello

Art Direction: Henrique Mourthé and Bia Junqueira

Costume Design: Cristina Kangussú and Valéria Stefani

Music: Rodrigo Marçal – Cabelo

Sound: Wálter Goulart