All girls dream about meeting their enchanted prince. But women’s lives, when they grow up, are much more complex...We can dream of love but attain only sex.

Lucia wants to live a beautiful love story with her lover. Sleeping side by side, telling him about her day, sharing dull daily life comfortably. Her lover has always been clear. He is committed to another person: the owner of the club where Lucia works as a waitress. Back at work, Lúcia faces a painful situation.  She tries, but the suffering is too much for her.
How far is she willing to go to live out the last few moments of happiness with the lover she has lost?

Directed by Magali Magistry, starring Clara Choveaux and co-produced by Franco Films, in partnership with the director and Caïmans Films, the film debuted at the Sundance festival in 2011 and has already participated in over 15 international film festivals.

Cinderela proposes a reflection on contemporary solitude.

The protagonist, Clara Choveaux, trained as a classical ballerina, was discovered by director Bertrand Bonello, who gave her a part in his film: The Pornographer, before he proposed the lead roll in the film Tiresia, selected to compete in Cannes in 2003. A French-Brazilian, Clara lives in Rio de Janeiro, where she works mainly in the theater.  Her most recent work in cinema is as the protagonist in Above the Fog, by Paula Gaitán, produced by Franco Films.