The third short film produced by the partnership between producer Ailton Franco Jr. and filmmaker Eduardo Vaisman, as well as the second collaboration with scriptwriter Flávia Lins e Silva. The film is considered a classic of the new language of the Brazilian short film. Dadá features Jonathan Haagensen, a young actor from the group Nós do Morro, who was in the critical and public success City of God, by Fernando Meirelles. The film, a blend of documentary and fiction, is set in the hillside shantytown of Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro and focuses on the day-to-day of three youngsters who live there, presenting a side of Rio de Janeiro totally different from that which greets the tourist.


The story of Dílson, Dennis and Dada, three friends separated by a secret. The story of Jésus, Jonathan and Thaísa, three actors from Vidigal united by a film.

Genre: Documentary

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 20 min

Format: 35 mm

Year of Release: 2001

Director: Eduardo Vaisman

Cast: Thaísa Medina, Jonathan Haagensen and Jésus Lino


Director: Eduardo Vaisman

Executive Producer: Ailton Franco Jr.

Script: Flávia Lins e Silva

Director of Photography: Marcelo Guru Duarte

Sound: José Moreau Louzeiro

Editing: Ana Teixeira

Festival screenings and awards:

6º Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira – Portugal, 2002 – Best Short Film Award.

24º Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano - Habana International Film Fetival – Havana – Cuba/2002 – Best Short Film.

Festival do Rio BR 2002 – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil – Best Short Film – Audience Award.

Toronto Worldwilde Short Film Festival – Canadá, 2002 – Best Documentary Award

6º Festival de Cinema e Vídeo de Curitiba - Brasil – Best Documentary and Best Director Awards.

É Tudo Verdade 2002 – 7º Festival Internacional de Documentários – Ministry of Culture Award.

Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro – Curta Cinema 2002 – Best Film ABD&C/RJ.