In the Era of the Cinematograph

The first film produced by the company, and also the first short film directed by the renowned costume designer, Kika Lopes. The film received the award for Best Director at the festival Jornada de Cinema in Bahia in 1996.


Genre: Fiction

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 15 min

Format: 35 mm

Year of Release: 1996

Director: Kika Lopes

Cast: Emílio Melo, Giulia Gam, Guilherme Karam, Vera Holtz, José Joffily


1920s. Rodolfo recounts his misfortune to a friend. Fiancé of Clothilde, a girl from a good family, he has seen his passion turn to perversion as he pierces his lover’s soft skin to drink her blood.  

Festival screenings and awards:

- Jornada de Cinema da Bahia, 96 – Melhor Direção.

- Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo – SP - Brasil


Director: Kika Lopes

Producers: Ailton Franco Jr. and Alvarina Souza Silva

Script: Paulo Halm and Kika Lopes

Director of Photography: José Tadeu Ribeiro

Set Design: Eduardo Werneck

Costume Design: Elen Milet

Sound: José Moreau Louzeiro, Toninho Muricy

Editing: José Moreau Louzeiro