Três no Tri

The new documentary by Eduardo Souza Lima (Zé José) tells the story of the most widely published sports photograph in the world and its author.

Documentary, HD, 15 minutes, Rio de Janeiro, 2013



The third short film produced by the partnership between producer Ailton Franco Jr. and filmmaker Eduardo Vaisman, as well as the second collaboration with scriptwriter Flávia Lins e Silva. The film is considered a classic of the new language of the Brazilian short film. Dadá features Jonathan Haagensen, a young actor from the group Nós do Morro, who was in the critical and public success City of God, by Fernando Meirelles. The film, a blend of documentary and fiction, is set in the hillside shantytown of Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro and focuses on the day-to-day of three youngsters who live there, presenting a side of Rio de Janeiro totally different from that which greets the tourist.


The Disappearance of the Invisible Friend

On the borderline between documentary and fiction, The Disappearance of the Invisible Friend  deals with one of those childhood mysteries: the imaginary friends that appear and disappear in a child’s life as if in a puff of magic.



Tell me Why

Tell me Why is a musical documentary about that particular childhood phase: the “Why?” phase, when curiosity is sharpened by the discovery of the world. Another film exploring the universe of childhood, this short film for kids, directed by Pao la Leblanc, repeats the successful formula of O sumiço do amigo invisível (The Disappearance of the Invisible Friend). Once again, Fernando Alves Pinto is featured in the cast.


Maré Capoeira

The last short film by diretor Paola Leblanc for Young audiences. Maré Capoeira has been all over Brazil and still travels the world participating in several festivals, having won many prizes.  In the film, the director, by telling the story of the little capoeira fighter Maré, presents striking features of Brazilian culture.  The film continues its Brazilian and international career in shows and events as well as being shown on television and other exhibition spaces.