Maré Capoeira

The last short film by diretor Paola Leblanc for Young audiences. Maré Capoeira has been all over Brazil and still travels the world participating in several festivals, having won many prizes.  In the film, the director, by telling the story of the little capoeira fighter Maré, presents striking features of Brazilian culture.  The film continues its Brazilian and international career in shows and events as well as being shown on television and other exhibition spaces.


Genre: Fiction

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 14 min

Format: Beta Digital

Year of Release: 2005


Director: Paola Leblanc

Cast: Felipe Santos, Isabela Fabirezza, Mestre Chaminé



Maré is the nickname of João, a ten-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a master of the art of capoeira like his father, continuing a family tradition that has spanned several generations. This short film blends fiction and documentary in a short tale of love and war.   



Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2006, Germany – Children’s Jury Prize,

Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2006, Germany - Children’s Jury Prize

Festival Internacional Nueva Mirada para Infância e Juventude, Buenos Aires 2006, Argentina – Best Documentary Award.

Amazonas Film Festival 2006 – Special Jurys Prize

Children’s Short Film Prize - Minc/ TVE 2005



Director: Paola Leblanc

Executive Producer: Ailton Franco Jr.

Script: Fabiana Egrejas, Rosane Svartman, Paola Leblanc, Ferradura

Director of Photography: Mauro Pinheiro Jr.

Art Director: Fernanda Fabrizzi

Sound: Vampiro

Editing: Daniel Garcia

Sound Editing: Aurélio Dias

Soundtrack: Rodrigo Maçal and Lucas Marcier