Tell me Why

Tell me Why is a musical documentary about that particular childhood phase: the “Why?” phase, when curiosity is sharpened by the discovery of the world. Another film exploring the universe of childhood, this short film for kids, directed by Pao la Leblanc, repeats the successful formula of O sumiço do amigo invisível (The Disappearance of the Invisible Friend). Once again, Fernando Alves Pinto is featured in the cast.


Genre: Documentary and Fiction

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 15 min

Format: 35 mm

Year of Release: 2003

Director: Paola Leblanc

Cast: Antonio Leblanc, Rayssa Telles, Fernando Alves Pinto



Why Is The Sky Blue? Why Does Time Fly? Why Do Teeth Fall Out? Why Is There Wind? Why Are We Born? Why? Why? Why?


Festival screenings and awards:

Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro – Curta Cinema 2004

4º Curta-SE – Festival Luso Brasileiro de Curtas Metragens de Sergipe 2004

4ª Cúpula Mundial de Mídia para a Infância e Juventude 2004

27o. Guarnicê de Cinevídeo, São Luis, MA 2004 – Best Documentary.

Prêmio Rio Filme 2002 de Apoio a Realização/Rio Film Production and Incentive Award, 2002. 


Director: Paola Leblanc                                                                                

Executive Producer: Rossine A. Freitas

Script: Rosane Svartman

Director of Photography: Mauro Pinheiro Jr., ABC.

Art Director: Rafael Targat

Sound: Valéria Ferro

Editing: Cezar Migliorin

Original Soundtrack: Jean-Louis Leblanc