The Volcano Exiles

She was able to save a diary and a pile of photographs from the fire. These are the only memories left of him. Now she tries to recompose his life experiences through these loose sentences and images. The spaces where he had been bring back people, reminiscences and sensations that, little by little, start taking over her own life. 

The Volcano Exiles is the first fictional feature film by renowned artist Paula Gaitán, author of Diário de Sintra, Agreste, Vidas and others. 



Drylands can be several places, as Marcelia Cartaxo can be several women (including herself). The actress is placed in a situation of an encounter with nature and with other female characters, her doubles, in some instances.  Out of these encounters arise other possibilities of operating in the world of acting, which in this film comes from the sam imaginary power of child’s play in empty lots.

Premiere at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2010 as Hors Concours in the Premiere Brasil section. It went on to participate in the Sâo Paulo International Film Festival and several others.