The Volcano Exiles

She was able to save a diary and a pile of photographs from the fire. These are the only memories left of him. Now she tries to recompose his life experiences through these loose sentences and images. The spaces where he had been bring back people, reminiscences and sensations that, little by little, start taking over her own life. 

The Volcano Exiles is the first fictional feature film by renowned artist Paula Gaitán, author of Diário de Sintra, Agreste, Vidas and others. 

Released in 2013 at the Official Competition of the 46th Festival de Brasília for Brazilian Cinema won as Best Film and Best Sound Design. In 2013 also participated at 37th São Paulo Film Festival, IX Panorama Coisa de Cinema, Salvador, Bahia Film Festival and at V Semana dos Realizadores, in Rio de Janeiro.

Filming was done between August ande September 2011 in the region of Cataguases and Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state.  Produceion was all done in Rio in the company’s headquarters.

The cast consists of Clara Choveaux, Vincenzo Amato (an Italian actor), Simone Spoladore, Bel Garcia, Bruno Cezário and others.

The technical staff that made this production possible was made up mainly of young professionals, and the photography was by renowned Chilean photographer Inti Briones.

The Volcano Exiles deals with emotional memory, with facts that are recreated through the lens of emotion. An involuntary memory, non-linear, made up of signs, images, voices, silences and gaps. Past, present and future blend, creating a new time and space – in the territory of memory, with scenery that wavers between fact and fiction, evoking a non-place, damp and foggy, as if the characters entered dream zones and were photographed from different angles, each with its own light and shadow.

The characters are placed in environments with abysses, ruins and emptiness, accentuation the importance of the landscape and archeology as an integral part of the narrative.

This is the first feature production of the company and is destined for the Art Films market.

Year 2013