The many faces of a Low-Life – Jece Valadão

An exhibition of posters from Magnus Films and the Film Festival, March 29 – April 10, 2011 at Caixa Cultural in Rio de Janeiro.

Fifty years ago, the film Os Cafajestes (The Low-Lives), starring and produced by Jece Valadão and directed by Ruy Guerra, was being shot. A box office hit, this feature film marked the beginning of Magnus Films, founded by Jece, which produced over 30 more features, of which 15 shot in only 5 years.  This was perhaps the most frenetic industrial rhythm ever seen in Brazilian cinema.


20 x Pornochanchadas

A veritable reclaiming of one of the most productive phases of Brazilian cinema was the show 20x Pornochanchada  (Comedic Sexploitation), with the screening of 20 films and exhibition of 33 posters, from May 9 to 22, 2011 at Caixa Cultural in Rio de Janeiro.  The show was put on by the Franco Cultural Association, sponsored by Caixa Economica Federal.

“Soninha Toda Pura” (Aurélio Teixeira, 1971), “Possuídas pelo Pecado” (Jean Garret, 1976), “Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas” (Antonio Meliande, 1977), “Ninfas Diabólicas” (John Doo, 1979) are among the films that made up part of the show.