Brasília 24 Quadros

The show “Brasília 24 Quadros” was the opening event for the new cinema theatre of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasília.


World Vast World

The Mundo Vasto Mundo show took eight films to the Federal District previously unscreened on the city’s commercial circuit. The films were chosen for their handling of relevant and current themes in their home nations. Conceived by the cinema critic Carlos Alberto Mattos.


Latin-American Premiere of I Am the Legend

Production for Warner Bros. Brasil of the Latin-American Premiere of “I Am Legend”, by Francis Lawrence, starring Will Smith and Alice Braga.

The Premiere was held at Cine Odeon in Rio de Janeiro on January 14, 2008, with the presence of Will Smith, the director Francis Lawrence and the scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman. The production was directed by the Assistant Producer Alice Baeta Neves, and used the sets provided by Red Carpet, Photo Call and internal image transmission.


2nd ASPA Cinema Festival – South American and Arab Countries

2nd ASPA Cinema Festival – South American and Arab Countries presented 9 films from different origins focused on the same central subject: Arab culture. The festival took place at Cine Odeon Petrobras - in Rio de Janeiro - from the 20th to the 24th of May, 2009.

This free event is part of the cultural agenda of the 2nd meeting of Cultural Ministers from ASPA (South American and Arab Countries) and it is organized by MinC (Ministry of Culture) - through the Audiovisual Agency and the International Relations Board. The festival’s opening night was hosted by the Brazilian minister of culture Mr. Juca Ferreira on Wednesday the 20th of The ministers of culture of all the participating countries were also present.