Homosexuality in the Media – What’s Changed?

An event that uses debates, cinema and television with the objective of bringing out and discussing the transformations undergone by the figure of the homosexual in the collective imagination and its representation in the media in the course of the 20th century and at the turn of the new one. The event took place at the Caixa Economica Federal Cultural Center in the cities of Rio and São Paulo, from July 8 – 20 and 15 – 20, respectively.

It was conceived and produced by Franco Productions, with curatorship by producer Ailton Franco, Jr. and Paulo Roberto Jr., MA in Political Philosophy and programmer of the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival.

The debates were geared toward a reflection on the transformations undergone by the representation of the figure of the homosexual in society.  These debates were an important part of the event, through which we tried to give a theoretical orientation to the content of the exhibits. In these discussions, personalities and intellectuals were involved who in some way contributed to inject the figure of the homosexual into the media.

The Cinema and TV show presented some films and well-known series in which a homosexual character appeared as an important plot element.

Together, these elements had the intention of bringing the public a relevant contribution to develop a theme more and more present in the media.