“Rehearsal.Hamlet” in New York

Production of the play “Rehearsal.Hamlet” at the “Under the Radar Festival”, Public Theater, in New York.

UNDER THE RADAR is an explosively diverse kaleidoscope of NEW THEATER – examples from around the U.S. and the world that spotlight artists ranging from emerging talents to masters in the field. Under The Radar Festival is a program of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Annual Members Conference, with major funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The festival is produced by Mark Russell and The Public Theater.


Cia. dos Atores

Director: Enrique Diaz

Cast: Bel Garcia, César Augusto, Felipe Rocha, Fernando Eiras, Malu Galli and Marcelo Olinto.

Set Designers: César Augusto and Marcos Chaves.

Costume Designer: Marcelo Olinto.

Lighting: Maneco Quinderé.

Original Music and Soundtrack: Lucas Marcier, Rodrigo Marçal, Felipe Rocha.

Venue: Public Theater, New York - Festival “Under the Radar”.

Executive Producer: Ailton Franco Jr.