Production Direction for Cia. dos Atores, for the play “Ensaio.Hamlet”, from the opening night at Espaço SESC Copacabana. Seasons at Teatro do Jockey (Rio de Janeiro) and at SESC Belenzinho (São Paulo), as well as various participations at festivals and events in Brazil and abroad during the period 2004 to 2006.


For the first time, Cia. dos Atores turns its hand to Shakespeare and one of his greatest classics, creating a series of questions and experiences that are proposed and lived-out on stage by the actors. This rehearsal invites the spectator to participate in an ‘autopsy’ – of both the characters and of the actors in scene.

Cia. dos Atores

Director: Enrique Diaz.

Cast: Bel Garcia, César Augusto, Felipe Rocha, Fernando Eiras, Malu Galli and Marcelo Olinto.

Set Designers: César Augusto and Marcos Chaves.

Costume Designer: Marcelo Olinto.

Lighting: Maneco Quinderé.

Original Music and Soundtrack: Lucas Marcier, Rodrigo Marçal, Felipe Rocha.