Rio News

Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s; a girl is found dead on the eve of the Grand Prix at the Gavea Track. A sensationalist tabloid fingers one of the drivers as the prime suspect, the famous playboy son of the owner of one of the city’s biggest newspapers. Thus begins an editorial war with all the weapons and artifices of the national press of the day.     


Production direction of Rio News by Enrique Diaz and Ivan Sugaraha

Venue: Teatro I, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

Projeto de Circuito Banco do Brasil, Teatro das Artes de Belo Horizonte.

Directors: Enrique Diaz and Ivan Sugahara.

Script: Felipe Miguez.

Cast: Bel Garcia, César Augusto, Drica Moraes, Marcelo Valle, Felipe Rocha, Gustavo Gasparani, Marcelo Olinto, Raquel Rocha, Susana Ribeiro.

Cameos: Enrique Diaz as Buby Rosa Maia, Paulo José - voice of Dr. Nereu, Danilo Menegale - image Dr. Nereu, Janaína Pessoa – image of dead woman, Issac Bernat (stand in).

Guilherme Miranda (stand in).

Off-stage voices: Cláudia Ventura, Enrique Diaz, Janaína Pessoa, José Karini, Mark Lambert, Saulo Rodrigues.

Set design and Videos: Gringo Cardia.

Costume designer: Marcelo Olinto.

Lighting: Maneco Quinderé.

Set director: Márcia Machado.

Soundtrack: Lucas Macier and Rodrigo Marçal.

Production Directors: Ailton Franco Jr. & Rossine A. Freitas.