Franco is the name common to Franco Productions, Franco Films and The Franco Cultural Association, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and dedicated to the production and promotion of educational and cultural projects, especially in the area of audiovisuals.


Since its foundation, Franco Productions has produced an ample portfolio.  In March 2021, it internationally launched at the Festival Cinéma du Réel the documentary feature VENICE BEACH, CA., by Marion Naccache. A Marion Naccache, Franco Filmes and Pixel co-production.



Founded in 2001 under the name Quid Cultura, dedicated to essentially educational and cultural projects, it had as its founding president Aílton Franco Jr.

In 2010, under its current name - Franco Cultural Association – inducted new members and elected Ailton president.  Currently it is the company responsible for the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema, and new projects for education and professional training.



We have produced or co-produced more then ten short films, two features and two TV documentaries. In 2016 we proudly theatrical released the feature film The Volcano Exiled, by Paula Gaitán, that won Best Film and Sound Design at the 46th Brasília Film Festival, in 2013. Now we're producing the documentary Othelo, o grande, by Lucas H. Rossi, a coproduction with Globo Filmes, GloboNews, Canal Brasil, Audiovisual Fund, City of Niterói, and it'll be distribute by Livres Distribuidora. We're also pre producing the feature documentaries Venice Beach, CA, de Marion Naccache and City of Funk, by Sabrina Fidalgo, and  the French coproduction Niels., by Julien Seri. Franco Films has become the brand used for the release of all audiovisual projects of the company. We welcome projects from new filmmakers in a system of domestic and international coproduction.